We Help Corporations and Institutional Asset Managers on their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Journey
We Help High-Net-Worth Individuals and Foundations Amplify their Impact through Philanthropy and Impact Investing
And We Create a Pathway to
Scale for Social Entrepreneurs
Solving the World’s Most Pressing

There is a scarcity of advisors who get it. It’s rare to find those who have been in the trenches, and who understand what works and what doesn’t. But we have—and we do.

Lebec Consulting is your ideal partner. We’ve been working across philanthropy, impact investing, and the ESG spectrum for nearly two decades. We have a clear understanding of how these financial tools can be leveraged for deep impact and systems change. And we help our clients align more capital with the right people, organizations, and social innovators who are truly moving the needle on the world’s most pressing issues.

Want to dig in more? This article lays out a detailed description of who we are and what we believe.

What We Offer

We are a woman-owned and women-led firm that advises corporations, foundations, donor-advised fund holders, high-net-worth individuals, financial institutions, and entrepreneurs on how to achieve their greatest social impact through catalytic philanthropy, impact investing, and ESG investing.

Challenge Conventional Thinking

With sustainability, innovation, and systems change at the center of our strategy, we think outside the box and look beyond traditional philanthropy. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible roadmap to achieve your impact objectives.

Combine Creativity and Market Research
with Decades of Experience

With first-hand experience in emerging markets and deep expertise within the non-profit, philanthropy, finance, impact investing, and social entrepreneurial ecosystem; we bring a venture capital, creative, and innovation mindset to your impact strategy and objectives. 

Provide Strategic Philanthropic, Impact Investing, and ESG Insight and Support

With a $5-7 trillion price tag, solving the greatest existential crises of our time needs transformational leadership. We aim to think big, tap into global capital markets—and help you become part of the global movement toward reversing the tides of inequality.