Our Vision & Mission

At Lebec Consulting, we believe it’s critical to think bigger and reimagine how global capital markets can be a force for good—with the goal of unleashing systems change. From achieving gender, racial, and income equality; to addressing climate change and solving the global water crisis; to elevating dance and the arts; to ensuring quality education and healthcare for all—the opportunities to donate, invest, and do business in a sustainable manner are there.

Lebec Consulting- About Us

We offer philanthropic; impact investing; and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing expertise to foundations, corporations, financial institutions, high-net-worth individuals, and entrepreneurs.

More specifically, we:

Challenge Conventional Thinking

With sustainability, innovation, and systems change at the center of our strategy, we think outside the box and look beyond traditional philanthropy. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible roadmap to achieve your impact objectives.

Combine Creativity and Market Research
with Decades of Experience

With first-hand experience in emerging markets and deep knowledge of the non-profit, catalytic philanthropy, impact investing, and social entrepreneurial spheres—we bring a venture capital mindset to your impact strategy and objectives.

Provide Strategic Philanthropic, Impact Investing, and ESG Insight and Support

With a $5-7 trillion price tag, solving the greatest existential crises of our time needs transformational leadership. We aim to think big, tap into global capital markets—and help you become part of the global movement toward reversing the tides of inequality.

Why Now

Never before in our lifetime has systemic change been more relevant and vital. As we enter a new era where global pandemics, climate change, the global water crisis, systemic racism, and gender and income inequality continue to hinder our progress and the sustainability of our planet—we have an urgent responsibility to rebuild our systems and walk the talk.

We need to redefine what success means, and this trickles across philanthropy, impact investing, and ESG investing. Today’s companies will have to answer the following question: is the world better off because your company is in it?

We need bold, transformational leadership—and we need it now.

Lebec Consulting- Why Now

Who We Are

We are a women-owned and women-led firm that advises corporations, foundations, high-net-worth individuals, financial institutions, and entrepreneurs on how to achieve their greatest social impact through philanthropy; impact investing; environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing. We are a creative team that helps clients break with conventionality to reach their most ambitious impact goals.

Our Approach

We approach everything we do with an equity lens. With a broad mix of experiences, and trainings related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we ensure equity is always at the center of our approach and integrated into the solutions we bring to the table for our clients.



Alix Lebec, Founder & CEO

ALIX LEBEC is an entrepreneur and strategic adviser to the ESG, impact investing, and philanthropic communities.

  • Alix founded Lebec Consulting in 2020 to increase the number of women in leadership and steer significantly more capital towards people, organizations, and social innovations addressing the world’s most pressing issues from climate to water, global health, energy, education, and agriculture. Working across impact investing, ESG, and philanthropy, Lebec Consulting is helping put people and planet—sustainability—on an equal level playing field with durable profitability.
  • Alix has spent two decades pioneering and leading successful entrepreneurial efforts at the World Bank, Clinton Global Initiative, Water.org, and WaterEquity—across Europe, Southeast Asia, East Africa, and the U.S. Alix’s expertise is rooted in understanding global poverty and inequality and social innovations that work, and in advising individuals, corporations, foundations, financial institutions, and entrepreneurs on how to achieve their greatest impact through philanthropy, impact investing, and ESG.
  • Working closely with Water.org and WaterEquity’s CEO and Co-Founders, Gary White and Matt Damon, Alix helped build and scale both organizations, developing a $200M+ portfolio of highly impactful philanthropic partnerships and impact investments. As a founding member of WaterEquity, Alix helped transform the organization from an $11 million pilot fund within Water.org to a successful $200 million impact investment manager.
  • Alix holds a Master of Science in Social Policy and Development from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor of Arts in International Business from the American University of Paris.


KATIE ORR has spent 14+ years crafting narratives to build brands, communicate missions, and inspire change.

  • During her time as a marketing and communications professional for a wide range of investment managers—including TA Associates, Citadel, Northern Trust, Mesirow, Perella Weinberg Partners, TIAA, Nuveen, and Barings—she has often focused on emerging markets and ESG/sustainability, and has become actively involved in women’s networks. 
  • Prior to that, Katie spent eight years as a broadcast editor and producer for news, commercials, and network and syndicated television shows.
  • Katie holds an MBA from Wake Forest University, and a Master of Liberal Arts in Journalism from Harvard University Extension School. She also received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Salem College.
  • An avid traveler, Katie launched a personal project in 2009 to see the world over a 20-year period. She believes deeply that this has opened her eyes to the struggles that so many low-income communities across the globe face—and wants to play a firsthand role in the solution.

Erin K. Risner, Chief Marketing Officer

ERIN K. RISNER brings 14+ years of strategic marketing experience, with a successful track record in brand building and digital campaigns for global and national brands.

  • Her expertise spans the tech, non-profit, and social entrepreneurship sectors—where she’s successfully built brands from scratch, modernized brands, secured high-level strategic partnerships, leveraged social media and influencers, spearheaded PR and agency relationships, managed diverse teams, and led multi-faceted digital campaigns that have reached more than 21 million people. 
  • Her partnership experience includes working with Warner Bros., Disney Studios/20th Century, Amazon Studios, AOL, Levi’s, Gates Foundation, and ONE Campaign. 
  • Erin also has strong expertise in content strategy, fundraising, advertising, writing press releases and pitching stories, SEO/SEM, crisis communications, brand development and management, creative and visual storytelling, stakeholder buy-in, and inclusive communications. 
  • Erin also has strong expertise in content strategy, fundraising, advertising, writing press releases and pitching stories, SEO/SEM, crisis communications, brand development and management, creative and visual storytelling, stakeholder buy-in, and inclusive communications.
  • For the past 10 years, she has proudly served on the board for Girls to School, and in 2018 became a CASA volunteer. She currently leads the marketing team at the national inclusive youth development organization Camp Fire. 
  • Erin graduated from Drury University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Integrated Media and Global Studies. Her career travels have taken her all over the world, and have contributed greatly to the person she is today.
RAFIA QURESHI -Lebec Consulting

Rafia Qureshi, Chief Strategy Officer, Europe

RAFIA QURESHI has spent 17+ years as a multi-lingual, multi-sector leader in philanthropy and impact investment, with a unique mix of private and public sector experience—ranging from venture capital and management consulting to strategic philanthropy and sustainable finance.

  • She has deep knowledge of designing and implementing philanthropic grants and impact investments in emerging markets—and has worked across a range of stakeholders to ensure these investments are catalytic and sustainable. These include development finance institutions such as British International Investment and the World Bank, and investment banks such as JPMorgan Chase—where she spent a majority of her career, overseeing $250M annually in social investment through its Foundation’s broader development in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • Most recently, Rafia was the CEO of the Womanity Foundation, a private Swiss Foundation focusing on gender equality across emerging markets.
  • Rafia holds an MSc in Population and Development from the London School of Economics, and a BA in International Relations and Business Administration from Boston University.
  • She sees herself as a citizen of the world, having lived in Turkey, China, Uganda, the U.S., and the U.K.—but is currently residing between Munich and London.

Jessica Gisondo, Director of Communications & Partnerships, Lebec Consulting

JESSICA GISONDO has worked at the intersection of philanthropy, non-profits, and social change for over a decade.

  • During her time at Open Society Foundations and Bloomberg Philanthropies, Jessica’s work spanned global geographies and a wide array of thematic areas to fund a diverse portfolio of non-profit partners.
  • She also developed and co-managed the New Executives Fund, a unique philanthropic portfolio providing key support to new nonprofit heads and organizations navigating leadership transitions.
  • Prior to that, she represented the Government of Rwanda at the United Nations, where her work centered around the protection of women in conflict zones, peacekeeping policy, and Security Council affairs.
  • Jessica holds a Master of Arts in International Affairs from The George Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and History from the University of California, San Diego.
Hannah Kovich

Hannah Kovich, Director of Programs & Research

HANNAH KOVICH is energized by market research, and developing effective and strategic processes that lead to results.

  • With 11+ years in non-profit fundraising, she has extensive experience in grants strategy and management, donor stewardship, investor relations, and in-depth research.
  • As a grants management professional for Water.org and Harvesters—The Community Food Network, Hannah specialized in project management for strategic long-term grant programs.
  • As an Investor Relations Manager for WaterEquity, she stewarded investors through the impact investment process, from due diligence to reporting.
  • With three small children of her own, Hannah is committed to bringing attention and resources to families in need across the world so that every child can live a safe, healthy life. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Kansas State University.

Julia Fleenor Bejarano, Social Media Manager

JULIA FLEENOR BEJARANO is a social media storyteller and graphic designer with experience leading national digital marketing and communications campaigns.  

  • Currently the Marketing Coordinator for an inclusive national youth development organization, Julia collaborates with diverse teams to create and lead annual content strategies, national marketing and fundraising campaigns, social media advertising, and other major organizational initiatives.  
  • She has worked around the world in emerging economies, including as a sex education teacher in Africa. 
  • Julia graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. She also studied law at Missouri – Kansas City Law School before deciding to use her strengths and passion for a career in marketing.  
LASHEE THOMAS- Lebec Consulting

LaShee Thomas, Office Manager

LASHEE’ THOMAS brings more than 20 years of executive support, board operations, and accounting and finance experience to the Lebec Consulting team. 

  • She excels in supporting C-Suite initiatives, board relations, and conference planning and execution. 
  • Throughout her career, LaShee’ has helped lead a number of organizational transitions and expansions. 
  • Prior to the nonprofit world, LaShee’ worked in accounting for over a decade at the 87th biggest law firm in the U.S., Shook Hardy & Bacon. 
  • She is passionate about making a difference and helping high-performing teams meet their goals effectively and efficiently. 
Emerald-Jane Hunter

EMERALD-JANE HUNTER, Ringleader, Founder & CEO, myWHY Agency

EMERALD-JANE HUNTER has spent 20+ years of experience creating stories that seize the spotlight. She is a four-time Emmy award-winning producer and master of all things media

  • Born in Ghana, West Africa, she relocated to the U.S. at the age of 19, where she discovered that her “WHY” was storytelling. This was the catalyst for a long career as a producer, production manager, and talent booker across a wide range of broadcast and other media.
  • As President of myWHY Agency, EJ is passionate about empowering purpose-driven brands and women-owned enterprises, and enabling authentic conversations that not only drive awareness and business growth, but also include commitments around DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) initiatives for her clients.
  • EJ serves on the board of Female Strong—an organization that offers hands-on programs, mentorship, and experiences targeted toward building confidence in middle- and high-school age girls.
  • She also serves on the J.E.D.I. Content Advisory Council for Informa Markets—ensuring that there’s justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in the organic and natural products space, and that this is being reflected in the stories they share.
  • Additionally, EJ is an alumna and ambassador for the Goldman Sachs 10KSB—an investment to help 10,000 small businesses grow and create jobs by providing them with greater access to education, capital, and business support services.

Third-Party Partners

Strategic Advisory Board

NYT Best Selling Author of Fair Play, and Co-Founder of Philanthropy Advisory Group

Senior Advisor at Tostan

Chief Marketing Officer of To The Market

CEO of The Cook’s Nook

Managing Director of One Acre Fund

Director of Corporate Giving at Niagara Bottling

Founder of The Way Women Work

Award Winning Journalist, Senior Editor at Fortune, and Founder of Fortune Connect

Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director of Praava Health

Founder and CEO of McPherson Strategies


We are incredibly inspired by our clients and the opportunity to shape their social impact. See below our portfolio of clients across philanthropy, impact investing, and ESG investing: