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Interview with Ben Wrobel & Meg Massey | Women(+) We’ve Been Waiting For | S1: Ep. 11

Ben Wrobel is Director of Communications at Village Capital, a pioneer in participatory investing. Meg Massey is a journalist covering social impact and social justice in the world of finance. Her writing has been featured in Time, Fortune, and Impact Alpha.

TODAY they discuss the top-heavy, insular nature of philanthropy—and how decision-makers (who tend to be disproportionately white, male, and from backgrounds of privilege) need to cede decision-making power to people with lived experience of the problem at hand. Without taking this step forward, transformational change will never truly occur.

Who should we interview next? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Why Women(+)? We were inspired by one of the pioneers of this movement Jacki Zehner, and we adapted the term from ShePlace: “women(+) includes all self-identifying women, including cis and transgender women, non-binary and gender-fluid individuals, and all allies who share our values.”

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