Kristen Venick, the Director of Giving at Niagara Bottling, provides a great example of how venture philanthropy, lean teams, the appropriate use of DAFs, and an innovative and collaborative mindset toward philanthropy and social change can unlock revolutionary impact.

Today, more than $1 trillion is sitting in private foundations and donor-advised funds (DAFs). Existing laws deliver significant tax breaks upon initial funding, but do not provide sufficient incentives or requirements to ensure that these funds will ever be distributed to non-profits. In fact, the rise of DAFs contributed to charities losing out on $300 billion in potential funding from 2014-2018 because not enough funding sitting in these accounts was being disbursed!

We dug in on Kristen’s perspective and expertise on how philanthropy – particularly the use of DAFs – can achieve so much more. We hope you’ll be as inspired as we are.

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Why Women(+)? We were inspired by one of the pioneers of this movement, Jacki Zehner, and we adapted the term from ShePlace: “Women(+) includes all self-identifying women, including cisgender and transgender women, non-binary and gender-fluid individuals, and all allies who share our values.”

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