Interview with Sergio “Zeku” Garcia | Women(+) We’ve Been Waiting For | S1: Ep. 16

Sergio “Zeku” Garcia is a professional athlete at Monster Energy, and CEO & Founder of Break MIA, a breaking facility where he teaches and mentors some of the top upcoming talent in Miami. He’s a world-class dancer and rising star who has won various international competitions within the breaking scene. More than that, he loves using his artistic influence to help inspire and better the lives of those around him.

TODAY he shares his perspective on how it could help the world tremendously if the 1% – who added another $1.9 trillion to their wealth during 2020 – would share a small portion of their wealth with those in need, particularly in the arts – which could have a trickle-down effect and build up entire communities.

Who should we interview next? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Why Women(+)? We were inspired by one of the pioneers of this movement Jacki Zehner, and we adapted the term from ShePlace: “women(+) includes all self-identifying women, including cis and transgender women, non-binary and gender-fluid individuals, and all allies who share our values.”

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