Sylvana Synha, the Founder and CEO of Praava Health, speaks up on the urgency of investing in women leaders. As the data continues to show again and again, female and diversity-led ventures outperform start-ups solely led by men. And yet, women-led start-ups continue to only receive 2.3% of venture capital. Of the $70 trillion in assets under management, only 1.3% is controlled by diverse female asset managers. We need to change who controls the purse strings and where venture capital is going. There is great momentum out there, and talk about investing more in women and girls, but the truth is that too often today the investments are not there. And for successful women-led ventures focusing on impactful work outside of the U.S., the scarcity of investments is even worse. What does this mean? There is a tremendous opportunity for today’s investors to step up and put their money where their mouth is. Women from emerging markets present a huge opportunity—and success story—to generate high social and financial returns. Sylvana Synha and Praava Health are a great example of this, reshaping the healthcare industry in Bangladesh as we strive to overcome one of the greatest pandemics of our lifetime.

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Why Women(+)? We were inspired by one of the pioneers of this movement, Jacki Zehner, and we adapted the term from ShePlace: “Women(+) includes all self-identifying women, including cis and transgender women, non-binary and gender-fluid individuals, and all allies who share our values.”

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