Our Manifesto

We believe we already have all the resources we need to solve the world’s biggest problems. Our future depends on the commitment, methods, and urgency with which we act—and it affects all of us.

No more band-aid solutions. We must first look at and address the root causes of our problems. People, planet, and purpose must be a priority alongside long-term profitability. This is systems change.

It’s imperative we bring a new vision to this work and develop creative strategies through radical collaboration. This is how we can create a more sustainable and equitable world together.


This is where Lebec Consulting comes in. We are elevating the conversation and the impact. We believe that philanthropy; impact investing; and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing desperately need courage, creativity, and transformation—which, for a new generation, means:

  • Redefining what success means and creating new incentives for the business and global financial industries—which will influence risk taking, priorities, and behaviors across philanthropy, impact investing, and ESG.
  • Ensuring more philanthropy is risk-tolerant, patient, and underwriting financial tools that will unlock more capital from the capital markets and governments.
  • Placing more diverse women+ in leadership positions with financial decision-making authority, alongside male allies.
  • Getting inside the corporate boardroom as the world’s specialist on translating ESG into actual action and impact that will solve the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Steering the impact investing industry toward creating a global capital market that will reduce inequality and solve the SDGs.
  • Viewing people living in poverty not as a problem to be solved, but a market to be served and supported.
  • Changing the narrative across media—including social media—by amplifying the stories and successes of communities and women in emerging markets, on their own terms.
  • Starting a global conversation about what needs to change within philanthropy, impact investing, and ESG—including why it matters, how it affects all of us, and the role we all have to play. 

It’s time to forge a new culture, mindset, and ecosystem that steers more capital toward people, organizations, and ideas really impacting the world. Our lives, and the sustainability of our planet, depend on it.